Peterborough 1886

B&M Train Station Perboro, NH 1886

Peterborough, 1886

Our idea is to educate and engage students and tourists on the history of Peterborough, NH through a new platform. 

Using Peterborough, 1886, you will be transported to a time that can only be seen in photographs.

Main Street View Peterboro, NH 1886

Peterborough's Apostolic Twelve

The Apostolic Twelve were a group of twelve everyday citizens of Peterborough. In 1876 a local photographer, in an attempt to promote his business, took photographs of twelve individuals in Peterborough. These individuals were not chosen for their prominence but chosen as a random selection. Those photographs have been included in the experience and help guide you through the Peterborough, teaching you along the way.

Tucker's Tavern Peterboro, NH 1886

Other Interesting Guests

The Apostolic Twelve are the most prominent group in the experience, although there are certain special guests like President Grover Cleveland, Frederick  Douglass, and other members from Peterborough's history that will be added to the experience in the future. They were chosen to help contextualize the games information, for instance, to inform people of what was happening in history in other parts of the United States during this time period. 

Peterborough 1886